Deaf Women of Color
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Deaf Women of Color empowers and advocates for its community and reaches out to society-at- large through education, enlightenment, and validation to recognize the contributions of these people through networking, resources and services.



Thuan Nguyen-Lakrik


Experience about DWC: My experience with DWC is outstanding! I found friendship and sisterhood among Deaf women of color, and it's a beautiful thing to have when you're confronting issues with your sisters in unity. 

Advice for Deaf Woman of Color(s): Please do! You'll be surrounded by wonderful, warm ladies who will fight for you and you'll gain so much through a membership with the DWC. 

Interesting Fact: I once was a backpacking traveler-I went backpacking in Europe and Southeast Asia. That was long before I met my husband and having our kids.

Photo: A smiling woman, with dark tan skin, brown eyes, and long black hair piled up into a knot on top of her hair, is standing outside in a garden. She is wearing a black off-the-shoulder shirt with yellow and white patterns on the front of the shirt and a blue denim skirt. On her feet, she is wearing black?shoes. In the background is trees, grass, and a sunshine. She is standing on white cement pavement


Francisca Rangel

Quote: “Do everything to the best of your ability, and then the your ability to do things well, becomes greater and greater.”  ~ Wisdom Master Maticintin


Laurene  Simms

Washington D.C., African America

Experience about DWC: My lifelong learning as a Deaf Woman of Color

Interesting Fact: Proud of having five grandkids - A best joy moment!!

Image Description: African American woman wearing a pair of black glasses with pink sleeveless top and brown necklace smiling 


Leticia Arellano

Mexican - I was born in Cd. Juarez, Mexico

Experience with DWC: Meeting many beautiful Deaf of Women and listening/viewing their experiences are my greatest inspiration

Advice for any DWC:  BE YOURSELF! 

Interesting Fact: World traveler 


Executive Board


Melissa Locklear

Native American Indian : Lumbee tribe
Originally from Pembroke, North Carolina
I am the cat owner of BEBE, so she is fierce with no tail.

Image description: Melissa was wearing the blue top with the pink necklace. She is smiling just as a proud Lumbee with tied her hair in two braids. Her picture is centered below the three symbols: feathers (one left on rock, middle on the several rocks, and right in the air). The white bold Marker Felt font, “Melissa Locklear angled on the picture.



Deaf proud Cuban-American born to hearing Cuban parents
Union City, New Jersey

This photo is about Inspiration and favorite spot in the Big Apple, NYC

Enjoy touring New York City, I love in New York City. NYC really is the city that never sleeps! 

Image description: Mayra was smiling with the Starbuck with a logo cup in her right hand. She was wearing her hat. Behind her, the background was located at Big Apple, New York with the surroundings of several buildings. The cursive handwriting with the white bold font, “Mayra Castro.”


Bregitt Jimenez

Originally from Chicago, Illinois/ Mexican
I drink hot water with squeezed lemon every morning.

Image description: a tan skinned female with ivory color top, the lace stripes. A tiny pearl beaded necklace around her neck. She smiles. The white bold font, “Bregitt Jimenez” on the pink with black outline and aqua blue with white outline flowers on the background behind the picture.


NuNu, Antines Davis

African-American/Baltimore, Maryland

Image Description: The background with the football logo “Ravens” on blue helmet, the outside of the color is purple while the white is centered. Nunu was smiling with her hands up in the air, Nunu was wearing the black vest under white dress shirt. The white bold “paint” font, “Nunu Davis.”


Delia Lozano

Mexican/Frederick, MD

Spicy food is a MUST!!

Image Description: Delia has salt-pepper short hair, wearing a black eyeglasses with a blue collar and colorful beads necklace. Behind the wall, the white bold font, “Delia Lozano” with Mexican blanket (blue, red, mixed of yellow, pink, red, and lime to green, and finally, red stripes)


Kansas & Indian
I’m officially married to Chocolate! 

Image description: the black and white picture of Payal smiling. Her right hand hold against her right cheek. Her right hand has a hair band on. Behind the background, the peace logo was painted in white on black and white brick. At bottom, Payal Sweet was in “So Random” art Bold White font.





Sara Khan


Major: Graphic and Imaging Technology

College name: Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT)

National Technical Institute for the Deaf (NTID)

Fact: I only started liking coffee a month ago.